Friday, May 29, 2009

Healing Prayer - Oahu Churches

For those looking for physical, spiritual, and/or emotional healing through Christian prayer while on Oahu, here are a couple of churches to look into to:

Laulima Ministries International (Salt Lake)
Recommended by churches on the mainland, LMI has an international reputation for having one of the most powerful healing ministries in Hawaii. If I didn't see it before my eyes, I wouldn't believe it--I've seen people who can't walk...walk and run again. People with illnesses cured, people who can't move their arm have full motion range, and those with cancer scream in pain as if their internal organs were being fully repaired. When you see the look of astonishment, amazement and moved emotion (tears of joy and gratitude) on the people's faces, you know that what they are experiencing is real. It is faith building to see.

Meets on Monday nights at the Moanalua Gardens Missionary Church. The "service" starts at 6pm, but I recommend arriving around 8-8:30pm for prayer. (Another smaller "practice" prayer time is held on Wednesdays at 11am in Kaimuki at 11am).

Bluewater Mission (Palama)
Very friendly church with gifted congregants and pastor in the areas of prophecy and physical healing. I had church members who I had never met before, come up to me and offer some prophetic words and visions in the middle of the worship service--the words were timely, pertinent, and encouraging. Prayer is offered at the end of each service. Pastor Jordan has shared prophetic words and visions over my near future, and we'll see how it all comes to pass.

One of my favorite churches on Oahu. Contemporary music, casual vibe, and a warm and welcoming congregational culture. Jordan is smart, sharp, funny and insightful--he has a way of taking familiar bible passages and interpreting them from a fresh perspective, often infusing values of humility, healing, social justice and community as central themes in his sermons. (right on!)

First Presbyterian Church (Kaneohe)
The 8 and 9:30am Sunday church services here are laced with sense of serenity and simplicity. I appreciate the sense of tradition and formal liturgy that has been maintained here over the years, while most other churches try to mimic megachurch strategies or emergent models of ministry. Recently ridding the priestly robes worn by the choir and preachers, this church has one of the best Christmas Eve services on the island, mixing Broadway operatic singers, hand held silver bell ensembles, and hula for an overall enchanted evening.

Prayer after Sunday services are from congregants (mostly all women) who will pray with you --but not in regards to prophecy and healing. These are simply kindhearted folks who will spend a few minutes chatting and praying with you over your concerns. However, the church has begun to host occasional evening healing ministry nights over the past year (with congregants who are in-training for prayer), and will offer a mini-healing conference mid-August 2009 featuring speakers/workshop leaders such as Judith McNutt and Christy Pierce from the mainland.

Dedicating this post to two friends soon headed to Hawaii > may you find healing and rest while here.

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