Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hawaii’s Best Dim Sum – Just like home

Hands down, Panda Cuisine is the best place to get Dim Sum in Honolulu. Not only is the food delicious, but unique to most Dim Sum places across the country, Panda serves dim sum all day until 2am in the morning when it closes! Where can you find that!?

I was skeptical about eating dim sum in Hawaii but a friend of mine assured me that it was: clean…quiet…they speak English…the food is good…and the prices are reasonable. It was all that…plus Panda served some really good dim sum I’ve never even seen before!

Outside of Taiwan, Arcadia (CA) and Washington D.C., Honolulu is one of the only places to try the handmade Taiwanese dumplings with soup inside. It's one of the first picture items on the menu.

I was talking to the owner because I was impressed by the quality of the dim sum. Monterey Park in California, often called “the Suburban Chinatown” is reputed for having some of the best dim sum outside of China. After telling the owner that Panda’s dim sum was up to par with these and LA Chinatown’s Empress Pavillion, he lit up and revealed that he himself grew up in Alhambra, moved to Diamond Bar to raise his family, then opened Panda Cuisine with his wife in Hawaii.

What a small world. And no wonder why the taste of Panda compares to the quality of dim sum in the San Gabriel Valley. Way to go! Panda is a great place for dinner and late night snacks—just to say you beat the dim sum lunch hour crowds. It’s also been a long time popular Chinese restaurant among locals on Maui who make special trips to eat here. Underground parking is hard to find, but you can park at Walmart across the street and just walk over.

Panda Cuisine: Fine Chinese Restaurant
641 Keeaumoku Street
Honolulu, HI 96814

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