Saturday, December 6, 2008


Yay! I'm sitting here in my favorite city of Irvine watching the game on a 52" HDTV. Not having a TV in Hawaii has been hard particularly with the advent of one of the most captivating political elections in American history...and of course, the Fall season of college football.

Giving up a time-out in order for each hometown jerseys to be worn was a great call by Pete Carroll. The cardinal and gold & blue and gold jerseys look great on screen. I was tempted to buy a last minute ticket to the game but alas I had a photography class in the morning.

I miss sitting center field at the games, feeling the excitement of the crowd, and watching the game live. What a treat. It's the over all experience one gets that gets missed by simply watching the game on television.

Back to the game...Go Trojans!
shout out to wc for hosting the game

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