Monday, October 13, 2008

Tax - Arizona, Hawaii, Oregon

I was inquiring about a photography conference in Arizona and learned that if one rents a car from the Phoenix Airport, they charge a 52% tax. This is outrageous. It seems a bit over priced. Does anyone know if this is really true?

Hawaii is a great place to shop. With sales tax at 5% it's cheaper to buy things here than the mainland. However, with airline prices going up and paying $15-25 per luggage, it might be best for mainlanders to purchase items on the mainland. Camera stuff, ipods, Tiffany's jewelry, clothing, watches and other small packable items are recommended to get on the Islands.

Oregon was my favorite place to shop. No sales tax! I hear that some people in Washington move closer to the Oregon border to save money--to shop they just drive a couple miles across the border to the nearest store to save on taxation.

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