Tuesday, October 14, 2008

SIGG Kids & Cleaning Tablets

I’m not sure exactly what the tablets do (am I a sucker? is it just a clever money maker?), but it’s funny that I do feel like my SIGG bottle is somehow freed from bacteria build up. Maybe it's just psychological. Since I already bought and used the product I need to convince myself that it was worth the buy.

For $10 one gets 20 "Bottle Clean" tablets. All you do is fill you’re your SIGG bottle with warm water and drop in one tablet. Let it sit for 30 minutes then rinse it out. What my guess is that the tablets do, is gently bleach the inside of your bottle to aid in both possible discoloration and fight off germs and bacteria. (See my other posts to understand why SIGGs are great).

SIGGs also come in small sized bottles for kids. They come printed with fun designs and flip tops to avoid spills.

In Honolulu you can buy SIGGs and SIGG bottle cleaners at Lily Lotus in Kaimuki. (It’s fun store, particularly if you like yoga wear, locally made jewelry, or need meditation books, CDs, pillows and other relaxing home accessories.)

Where to go:
Lily Lotus (kaimuki; lilylotus.com)
Whole Foods (kahala)
REI online (rei.com)

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