Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Photo Geek - Tripod Tips

Photo Geek Tips - Buying a Tripod

What to look for when buying a Tripod:

Must Consider
Carbon Fiber (or light weight to carry)
Height (proportionate to your height at eye level)
Quick release legs (metal)
Quick release camera mount (a must in my opinion)
Insulation in legs (need in cold weather or won't open up) > or cover with foam
Cross bar lock (to lock legs)

Seperate tripod head (with hand grip, trigger)
Level (to ensure even horizon)
Strap or bag (to carry tripod)
Center hook (for camera bag; weighs down tripod so camera does not tip over)
Ability to lower and widen legs (for macro shots) or lower middle bar down horizontally

Brands to Consider

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