Monday, September 22, 2008

A Darker Shade of Brown

I got a tan today. It’s the Filipino in me. Out in the sun for ½ and hour without sunscreen, and I turn a darker shade of brown.

The cartoon pig I watched last night was browning in the sun wearing swimming trunks near the pool. As the cartoon episode continued he soon had bacon-like stripes all over his body. Funny!

The cartoon was followed by a “Will and Grace” TV episode—the one where Jack is stalking the actor Kevin Bacon. What's clever is that Bacon cited himself in the third person (i.e. “seven degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon”) in the storyline.

In Hawaii it’s like “two degrees of separation”--where everybody knows everybody. Locals here can give Kevin Bacon a run for his money any day.

Did you see the price of bacon in Hawaii? $8-10 a pack. And did you ever notice that everything tastes better with bacon? From salads to wrapped asparagus to omelette's and baked chicken…I can’t of a single dish made with bacon that didn't taste better because of the bacon.

And I wonder why we dish out the phrase, "What's shakin' bacon?" As if bacon can really dance. As if!

All I know is that after shakin' the sand off my feet, I need to stop bakin' in the sun. Those UV rays aren’t good for my skin and my Filipino blood surely doesn't even help me to dance any better. It just turns me...

a darker shade of brown.

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