Monday, August 4, 2008

$2 Yoga Classes & $4 Photography Classes

One can't find a better educational bargin in the state.

When I enrolled in last spring's Yoga class, the registrar noted that no where else will you find a yoga class for just over $2 per session. "Hmmn, that's true," I thought to myself. Most studios in LA, New York and Honolulu charge an average of $15 per session. For the $2 price, however, you'll have to practice your asanas (poses) in the High School library rather than in mirrored studios with hardwood floors--if you can bear this amibance and appreciate the short drive to your neighborhood school, the class is certainly worth it.

This Fall I plan to take the Introductory and Applied Photography classes (each $40 for 10 weeks, 2 hrs/class). I've been told that these classes fill up by the first day. I enrolled for a photography course with the UH's "New Media Arts Program" last spring--it was expensive and the teacher was lousy. The Hawaii Community School for Adults begins their enrollment this Saturday, so get there early!

Other Classes That Piqued My Interest:
Massage ($20) - 5 wks, 2 hours/class
Meditation ($39) - 10 wks, 2 hours/class
Foot Reflexology ($20) - 8 weeks, 1.5 hours/class
Yoga ($30) - 12 wks, 1.5 hours/class
Golf Fundamentals/Intermediate ($45) - 10 weeks, 2 hours/class

Hula, Hawaiian Language, and Ukulele are other classes unique to the region. Next season I might consider taking the Voice or Painting class!

For More Information:

Fall 08 Registration: August 9-22
Spring 09 Registration: January 10-23

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