Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Parking Tickets, Political Rallies, Belly Shots & Baby Cole

My first parking ticket was 'gifted' to me at the UH. I frantically searched for a parking space during the Barrak Obama political rally, not wanting to be late. I had been looking forward to the energy and excitement of the rally…only to find that both the UH campus and Hawaii as a whole seem to be somewhat lethargic to political interests. The rally was on "Hawaii-time" and I needn't have rushed in the first place.

I chatted with actress Kelly Hu, a local-turned-mainlandgirl who flew out to be a rally spokesperson. My cousin was interviewed by the local and Japanese television stations (which aired that night) and my aunt said that I too was on the local news—they didn't air my comments but showed a shot of me when I entered the auditorium (my 'big' break on Hawaii TV). ;) When I returned to my car I found staring at me, a yellow ticket tucked away on my windsheild. Apparently I had parallel parked in 'faculty-only' street stalls—I never even saw or heard of such a thing but paid the $15 fine anyway! (culture shock #203)

[I also attended the Hillary Clinton rally at Zippys in Hawaii Kai which had a better turn out and more supportive energy. Mild chants and cheers were hailed when Chelsea Clinton arrived. But we were all ushered away when Chelsea wanted to eat her lunch.]

I got my second parking ticket a couple weeks ago for parking too close to the entrance of a home driveway. Downtown Kaimuki was packed on the Saturday afternoon of Shayna's baby shower. We held it at “Town” an organic and eco-friendly restaurant. We later walked next door to "Hot Mama" a hip shop for moms and their babies. Where else will you find burp cloths in trendy prints and designs!?

The cool thing is, that even as I write this baby Cole is on his way of being born! His arrival will certainly be a gift to Shay, Dave, his brother Evan, and us all. The funny thing is that we were just taking pregnancy photos of Shayna last night. She called today (while in labor) to share the humor of the timing of it all. Shayna was a fantastic model and good sport. Enthusiastic about wardrobe and background changes, she played along to my and Dave’s instructions: “Look over here” “Smile” “Don’t Smile” “Look over your shoulder” “Tilt your head this way.” What a wonderful attitude she maintained and what a beautiful mom-to-be she was!

I got home around 3:45am after viewing the photos…and after getting an “express camera lesson” on how to manipulate the aperture, shutter speed and ISO of DSLR cameras. I actually now comprehend how these three functions work in tandem with each other and can't wait to try my hand at my new photography skills. Why go back to 'automatic' mode now? (I thank Dave for the gift of this camera lesson and wish Shayna a safe and smooth delivery.)

Can't wait to celebrate the gift of Cole's life!

This posting is dedicated Cole who is on his way into the world. May he delight and bring much joy to David, Shayna and Evan, and all those whose lives he touches.

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Shayna said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Karen! This is my first time on your blog and it's awesome! Selina told me about it. I love your writing style, and even more so I love the content. I'm def going to book a massage with that Japanese girl. Thanks for the tip. I'll keep coming back!