Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Modern Twist on Chinese Chic - "Shanghai Tang"

What sets this line of clothing apart from US and European designers who mimic inspiration from Asian culture, is that the designers of Shanghai Tang are actually from Asia and hence first start with the ethnic pieces in mind followed by the task of giving their clothing a contemporary twist and appeal.

The line seems to celebrate ethnicity and culture in its authenticity, rather than capitalize upon the marketability of them in an imperialist manner. While I would wear the clothes for a lecture on Asian American Studies, celebrities such as Nicolas Cage wear Shanghai Tangs as dressy-casual attire for dinner engagements and public events.

Where to Get It:
Only 3 US locations including a Shanghai Tang store in Honolulu (
Moana Shopping Center
(next to BCBG and across from Oakley)

Other US locations: New York and Miami
Worldwide: Paris, London, Tokyo, Shanghai and elsewhere


Another "thanks" to my brother for introducing me to this store.

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