Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Splash of Color - "Crumpler" Photography Bags

Why stick with the hum drum black photo bags of days past?
Spice things up and add a splash of color to your day!
Crumpler, a five year old Australian company has expanded their line of popular computer bags to reach the pro-photographer market.

Each bag has the padded removable sectional inserts that enthusiasts have come to expect. Best of all, it's stylish design and fun colors make your valuable gear nondescript to the unassuming eye.

There are 7 sizes and a variety of color pallets to choose from. I opted for the light blue and orange "5 Million Dollar Home" (crazy Australian bag names) which is perfect as a simple day bag for travels in Peru or day tripping in Hawaii.

Gotta Love It!

The "5 Million Dollar Home" ($90) comfortably holds a camera body, attached mid-range lens, and zoom lens (e.g. 70-200mm). The "6 Million Dollar" bag ($115) can hold 2 flashes, a body with attached mid-ranged lens, a zoom lens, macro lens and either portrait or super wide angle lens. (The latter would be my choice for an all-in-one bag.)

Where to Buy It (competitive prices) (they add approx $20 to each base price)

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