Friday, May 30, 2008

Best Accessory - Portable Purse Hangers


Why: Because Purses were meant to be hung…not thrown on the floor, slung over a chair, or sliding off a rounded chair back.

Price: $17-35

Where: The Wedding Café (LuxeLink, $35), dozens of contemporary designs; Paperie at the Kahala Mall (FindersKeyPurse, $17), 8 whimsical prints. Both models include velvet storage pouches

The way it works: These handy gadgets are circular in shape, approximately 2 inches in diameter. The center piece is weighted to withstand the weight most purses. A riveted arm unwinds around the center piece to form a “j” shaped loop to hang the purse strap.

Small enough to store in any purse and light enough to carry all day--
I don’t leave home without it!

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