Saturday, May 7, 2016

Make-up Artist Ry-n Shimabukuru (Maui)

Maui based make-up artist Ry-n Shimabukuru is creative, versatile and multi-talented. He's known for creating natural-yet-glamorous looks for print advertisements, weddings and pageantries...but his true talent shines when he works on creative editorial and fine art projects. He is an artist first, utilizing make-up as his primary medium; Ry-n is also proficient at hair styling, designing and sewing gowns, creating nail art. His artistic vision and down-to-earth personality helped him expand into the role of a creative director for photo shoots and video productions. 

Ry-n's birth name is indeed Ry-n...with a hyphen. His dad was ahead of his time in omitting the vowel. It's now become a signature artist name. 

While Ry-n had relocated to the mainland for a season, he moved back permanently to Maui to continue his work. From Honolulu to Hollywood, Ry-n's got enough talent to succeed and is by far the best make-up artist Maui has seen. I see a lot of potential and have high hopes for him. 

To see him produce a natural look, see his Jan 2016 tutorial:

To see his creative artistic hand, see his late-April 2016 contest submission:

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