Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Padovani Chocolatier (Oahu)

Padovani, the retired Ritz Carlton executive chef, has found delight in his new hobby and second career perfecting the art of a chocolatier. If you want to meet a man of passion and someone fiercely dedicated to the art snd science of chocolate making, Padovani is your man. He will detail the intricate process he undergoes each morning at 4am just to bring Honolulu the best handmade chocolates made from the finest ingredients in the world--and he will personally tell you with pride where each of the ingredients in your pieces are from. 

Though a transplant, he's lived on the island for 40 years taking residence in Lanai when he built up the Ritz Carlton restaurants. Some say that Padovani's chocolates are the best on the island and comparable to fine chocolatiers you'd find in New York. And from my chocolate experience this praise is likely deserved. In his retirement years he is not interested in building a big brand and marketing widely (like Chocole'a) but rather focuses on doing what he does well and making chocolate for the likes of the Emperor of Japan or the U.S. White House. (And shhhhh...Some say he's the best kept secret on the island.) 

Padovani is located in the Dole Shopping Center across from Costco. 

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