Tuesday, August 4, 2015

CS Wo and Sons - Furniture Store (Oahu)

Founded in 1909 on Oahu, CS Wo and Sons sells transitional Asian furniture (or Oriental furniture as it is still appropriately called). The pieces are nicely curated for those looking for an updated look with a touch of Asian accents in the legs of a table or chair, the darker wood stains, fabric design selection, or Asian and Island decor pieces.

In a funny way, their showroom reminds me of my parent's home (photo above). I now see where how much their taste has been influenced by their years growing up in Hawaii. CS Wo & Sons also tries to cater to a crowd interested in a conservative modern/transitional look (below). The furniture lines are clean and angular (photos from their website) and the bed linens in the showroom are by Calvin Klein--as an example that highlights their taste.

For those who like this furniture style, it's nice to know where to shop. Customers should know though that the pieces are not hand crafted but purchased through large warehouses on the mainland and overseas. I've seen some pieces they stock in other stores but the prices at CS Wo & Sons are fair or even cheaper. Moreover I like supporting family run businesses that earn your trust through generations of personalized quality service.

(Oh, they have a cookie and coffee bar as a touch of hospitality; the peanut butter cookies weren't too bad)

Here's the info:
CS Wo & Sons, 702 South Beretania Street, Honolulu

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