Wednesday, June 17, 2015

DIY Candy Lei Kit

This year I'm making candy leis for our Father's Day celebration. In the past I would cut long strips of colored cellophane, scotch tape the seams around the candy, and cut and curl endless strips of ribbon. These days however DIY kits are sold to make the lei making process much quicker and easier. 

Island Heritage sells a DIY candy lei kit which includes 5 hibiscus printed cellophane tubes, 50 pre-cut matching ribbons, and 5 cardboard hibiscus gift tags ($12). Just fill the tube with your favorite candy, tie the knots, and wha-la you're done!

I bought three bags of mini sized candies--Almond Joy, MnMs, and the Mars Co variety pack. I chose these in part for the color variegation from the candy wrappers, and because Target had a sale--3 bags for $10. The process took 40 minutes to complete, mainly because I had to go back to triple knot the ties that were coming undone. 

The Lei Kit comes in different colors is sold at Longs, Walmart, Target and Don Quijote in Honolulu, craft and hobby stores on the outer islands and mainland, and online stores worldwide (search the key word:  "Island Heritage lei"). 

Happy Fathers Day, and aloha au ia 'oe to my own dad.

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