Friday, February 6, 2015

Best Loco Moco in the US (San Francisco)

Imagine a perfectly poached egg nestled atop a bed of steamed Kalua pork enclosed by a breaded onion ring that garnishes a deep and richly flavored truffle beef patty surrounded by black rice with spam. One word description: to-die-for! (does that count as one word?!)

Butterfly (restaurant) at Pier 33 in San Francisco is hands down the best place for Loco Mocos on or off the island. They serve Nuevo-Hawaiian dishes, a nice spin on typical local dishes that actually turned out spectacular. 

I was there with a local friend (from Hawaii) and even she agreed that the flavor combos were amazing. [The photo above was taken after bites were eaten and the egg yolk broken]. (Im not even that crazy about loco mocos and Im thinking of heading back here just to order this again!)

The other dish I recommend is the lychee shave ice. We were skeptical about ordering it because we figured the ice wouldn't be shaved fine like in Hawaii. And while we were right about that, we were even more blown away by the flavors in that bowl--the texture of the ice ended up working very well. 

Butterfly | Pier 33, San Francisco CA
(Take the BART to the Embarcadero stop (across the Ferry Building) and hop on the MUNI trolley ($2.50) line F, and get off at Pier 33. Butterfly is right across from the F stop).

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