Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Local Chocolatier - Chocole'a (Oahu)

This year we started out the New Year eating mochi--chocolate covered mochi, that is. Chocole'a, which opened a month ago in Manoa, offers an assortment of handcrafted chocolate pieces crafted by the local guys in the back and the warm gals manning the store front. After trying a variety of their pieces (and buying some for friends and family) we concluded that the ones with strawberry and/or orange mochi in the middle is the store's forte. Pieces range around $2.25/each. 

I also thought the bags of chocolate covered pineapple, mango and Mac nuts were reasonably priced. I especially liked the freshness of the Mac nuts--no more boxes of Hawaiian Host for me. 

The store is located in Manoa town's main intersection. The store is cozy, the ingredients fresh and the branding and packaging finessed. If you're looking to support local female owned businesses and wanting a special treat for yourself or others, check out this new joint that's a bit off the beaten path yet close enough to town. 

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