Friday, May 2, 2014

Best Oysters - Morimotos (Oahu)

I have to say, this was the best preparation of oysters I've ever had. It's hard to top Chef Morimoto's winning combo--warm oysters on a half shell paired along side a tender portion of foie gras and a delicate dulop of uni, all sitting afloat a bed of light teriyaki sauce. It was bit of heaven in my mouth...

(Sigh)...if only I could afford to eat this all day!

I once loved foie gras, in all of its preparation styles, but banned myself from this delicacy for political reasons. However I just had to make this one exception because I couldn't resist the pairing of foie gras with my new favorite, the oyster, prepared under this well respected chef.

Was it worth it? Ohhh, yeah. 

The ambiance is what you'd expect for a Honolulu joint (above and below images). 

The Morimoto of Maui on the otherhand, is much more casual in the menu creation,  execution and decor (see prior post).

We ate on the lanai along with 90% of their other patrons that night. A sherbet orange sunset prefaced by a marina view fluted the night with its radiance. The table next to us seated one of Hawaii's local favorites, the Cazimero Brothers; after waving hello we let the artist and his family return to their meal as we re-focused on the dishes of perfection infront of us. What a delight. 

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