Sunday, May 25, 2014

Airport Prayer/Meditation Room

Spa services, wine bars and used bookstores. The new trend among airports is to offer a range of services that meet the restorative needs of busy travelers on the go. A part of cultivating this airport experience is the deliberate decision to designate prayer and meditation rooms at most US airports, big and small. 

What once started out as a nod to Muslim prayer needs, has now extended to recognize the value in encouraging travelers across faith traditions to engage in moments of worship, silence and solitude. 

Overhead speaker announcements note for example, when catholic mass is held in the airport; prayer rugs and Muslim prayer books written in Arabic are often available for use; floor pillows can be used for meditation practices; chairs are set up for those who want to pray. There are multiple ways to engage in these sacred spaces. And if you're not religious you can close your eyes and simply enjoy the deliberate pause in your day. 

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