Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Faith, Slippers & Surfer Bethany Hamilton

These are the most inspirational slippers I own. 

When pro surfer Bethany Hamilton's left arm was bitten off by a tiger shark while paddling on her board, this Kauai native lost 60% of her body's blood. She miraculously survived and astounded doctors when she recovered in a month's time. What's powerful about her story is that despite the shark attack, she hit the waves again, went back to surfing, and won her first title just a year later. (And just a couple days ago she took thePipeline Women's championship). What an inspirational testimony of faith, courage, resiliency and determination!

I initially bought these slippers for pragmatic reasons...I was color-struck by the turquoise foot beds and brown leather straps, and I liked the arch support Cobian slippers are known for. It was the salesperson who highlighted that this pair was special because it was designed in partnership with Bethany, and was accented with a gold signature and her hibiscus logo.

I liked it. 

It wasnt until I kicked off my slippers in that haphazard way one does at the beach, that the bottoms flipped over and I saw the true beauty of the pair I bought. There was a biblical reference and colorful art work depicting the shark attack on the bottom of the rubber soles!

Now I really liked it. 

The left foot reads, "With Faith All Things Are Possible" (based on Mark 9:23) and is adorned with cherry blossoms and the infamous ocean scene. 

The right foot reveals Bethany's life motto: "Overcome"

I didnt know that Bethany was a Christian, nor that the Cobian company would imprint such an overt message of faith on their product. I'm glad they did. 

My friend said the slippers had a message meant especially for me. It could be true. But Bethany's message and story is certainly an encouraging one for many.  

For more on surfing, Bethany's documentary, and her testimony of faith see:

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