Thursday, December 12, 2013

Andaz Hotel (Maui)

A little taste of Honolulu on Maui. Personally I love it here--it's very me, 100%. I actually almost-purchased some of the same furniture and accessories for my own place's like walking into my own home perhaps. :) 

This is one of those non descript types of places--no building signage as you drive into Wailea (or maybe it's because the hotel just opened weeks ago), and no signs for the restroom (you'll be pointed to an unmarked hallway). Architecture and design wise, it's all about the lines, with a neutral beige and gray color palette that highlights the blue ocean. 

I understand the critiques from the locals though--they are right, it doesn't feel like maui here. As far as capturing a sense of place, the space falls short. Still it's a nice niche for a crowd with a modern sensibility. 

I actually feel more comfortable here than the Four Seasons--a bit more artsy, casual and relaxed. And I can earn hotel points on my Hyatt rewards card. :)

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