Sunday, March 11, 2012

Favorite Ramen / Goma Tei (Oahu)

Not sure why, but I come here for ramen almost every time I return to Honolulu.  This March I brought my family here to have them try the Tan-Tan ramen--a cloudy broth with a little kick of spice.   The cha-siu in the ramen is what makes it worth it for some--tender rounds as big as my palm (it's the real-deal, not the take-out Chinese char-siu with pink edges.)  The shoyu ramen broth is clear and non-oily, but the Tan-Tan offers a unique ramen experience.  Order a side order of the Chicken "Karaage"--the actual name isn't Karaage, but it's similar to it.  The chicken is marinaded in a sweet garlic wine-vinegar sauce before battering and deep frying. The portion is huge and can be shared with 2-3 adults complementing a bowl of ramen.  Expect to wait; place your name on the paper list outside the door and head over to the Red Pineapple store and Jeff Chang Pottery store while you wait for a seat to open up.

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