Monday, March 7, 2011

Agents of Secret Stuff

Ryan Higa, a Hawaii (Big Island) native, is a young and funny and talented film director, actor and script writer.  Majoring in film studies he created short clips for his classes, and posted them online.  He is known for having one of the largest (if not "the" largest) online subscribership.  This piece is my favorite to date.  It's funny, clever, well edited/directed/written/filmed...and has all of the elements one would want in a film.  (Plus you can hear a hint of his pidgin every now and then.)

It's a storyline about ASSASSINS...

A.S.S. > Agents of Secret Stuff
S.I.N.S > Society Involving Not So Good Stuff


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Sbuckley said...

I hope that you are well. I thought of all the people I knew in Hawaii when I heard about the tsunamai. I hope your are safe!