Monday, September 20, 2010


buddhist forms of meditation emphasize the practice of non-resistance. that is, rather than push suffering, pain, fear and distractions aside through various forms of psychological denial, one acheives a state of peace by accepting and sitting with pain and long-suffering. rather than fight it or run from it, there's an inner peace acheived through the element of accepting the things that one cannot change and simply letting things be and letting go of one's inner wrestlings. meditation is one path to achieving peace through the still process of simply 'being' with oneself, one's thoughts, one mind...and letting go of all the rest.

if this animation is an artistic interpretation of buddhist meditation, does it simply imply that the art of meditation and non-resitance is actually an alternative form of denial? that is, that in its effort to confront denial (of pain, sorrow, fear) must one bring oneself into an alternative state of denial vis-a-vis a re-imagined space of non-reality (such as the imagined place of cherry blossom trees in japan)? are they hence not both processes of denial? and thus is one form of denial really any different than the other?

hmmn, i need to meditate on that.

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