Monday, March 29, 2010

apple ipad

coming out in a month is this new apple toy, which i learned from my brother who just may be on the pre-order list for this latest techy creation. it's the i-pad. a finger-touch device to read newspapers, books and do email. it's like the iphone but a larger, lap version ($499+).

reports state that apple does not know how it's consumers will actually use the ipad. 27% polled say they will not use it as a reading device though another quarter say they will use it for emails. and despite the laugther it's name is getting (ipad) for sounding like a woman's sanitary napkin company (see mock ad below), 50% of polled women think the name suits fine (though another 50% find offense to the name). quite frankly, i didn't even correlate the two together

update: At church, rather than preach from a bible, the pastor preached from an i-pad! Good bye to paper bound bibles!

mahalo to cjs for the new i-touch! love it!

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