Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hawaiian Sunburn - Aloe Vera & After Sun Lotion

I gained more sunspots, freckles and wrinkles during my first 3 months in Hawaii than I gained in my entire life. I wear sunblock and a hat almost all the time in Hawaii, but the sun still manages to burn my face. My solution: Aloe Vera and After Sun products to naturally heal the sun damaged skin.

My favorite skin remedy for everything (redness, burns, itches, bites) is Aloe Vera. It instantly cools the skin and relieves the redness. I have sensitive skin, so Aloe Vera in liquid formula is especially great.

I particularly like the all-natural brand Auburn, which can be found at Whole Foods and other fine health stores. They are the only brand that I've found 100% Aloe Vera in pure liquid form. This treat comes at a price through. A small bottle runs $17 in comparison to it's gel form in other brands found at Longs, Walmart and markets ($3). (Auburn Aloe Vera is much easier to find in stores across Hawaii than it is on the mainland, so stock up!)

Another remedy is to buy "After-Sun" products. I had never even heard of After-Sun until a foreign exchange student had approached me for help in the McCully market one day. Together we looked for an item called After Sun and found it in the shampoo aisle. Again, I'd recommend Auburn brand because it's all-natural. (After sun is made by other popular brands like Banana Boat and such but contains more chemicals).

Shiseido puts out an After-Sun lotion, but you can only purchase these items in Asia and Australia. Some online shopping can get you the product. The product description reads: "A high-performance moisturizer that hydrates and pampers sun-exposed skin with a fresh, soft touch. Enriched with Vitamins. Excellent for face and body. Non-clogging to pores. Allergy tested." ($25)

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