Sunday, September 27, 2009

"Downtown" - Honolulu Tapas & Business Model

From the owers of Town comes a tapas venue named Downtown (not that any of these names aren't already confusing in Honolulu. Town for example isn't located in town, but in Kaimuki.)

Located in the Hawaii State Art Museum, Downtown is a dim lit place that serves small portioned meals > order a few plates per guest and enjoy their creative menu.

This summer I was impressed with the business plan of Town and Downtown > truly eco conscious, earnestly concerned about issues of sustainability, and always supporting local Hawaii farmers and businesses whenever possible. They are known for giving back to the community (notice they are at many local events), and for not mixing business with politics. Tney have proven they can do the latter and still stay financially afloat, if not soaring to new heights. This is a company that works with integrity > they know what they are about and they don't waiver. Truly respectable.

If I were to run a restaurant, I would ask for business consultation from Town/Downtown > I like what they stand for - orgainic food, quality service, community partnerships, and business with integrity. Moreover the manager of Downtown is truly a warm, approachable and sincere guy. Kudos to the restaurants!


at the Hawaii State Art Museum (behind the gift shop; ground level)

250 S. Hotel Street


Limited hours: Monday-Satruday, 11am-2pm

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