Saturday, August 22, 2009

Best Private Masseuse - Allie Tanahara

Allie Tanahara is precise, conscientious and present in her art. When you're treated by her, you feel as though the hour is stretched into two.

As you start your massage with Allie, she instinctive reads your body and is able to choose the perfect type of massage best fit for your needs, often inter-mixing different European and Asian traditions. She knows when to power through a deep seated knot, when to apply less pressure to sensitive muscles, and when to soothingly balance your tense body into a state of relaxation.

Her touch is soft yet firm, and though she stands petite and sweet, the power and strength of this professional is not to be under estimated.

A one hour massage with Allie currently runs $55. She runs her private practice out of a chiropractic office in Kaimuki, and comes with experience of having worked at the Kahala resort spa for many years. She is certainly my favorite and I can't go a month without seeing her.

The Scoop:
To book a private appointment with Allie call: 808.223.6408
Location: 3566 Harding Avenue, Suite 100 in Kaimuki

(Or book her at the Kahala Resort at 888.288.5637)

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