Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Liquid Aloha

My favorite Hawaii beer, Kona Brewing Co, is hosting an OC event to support the research for spinal chord injury. The guy who's throwing the fundraiser has a tragic life story: as a young surfer he was turned over by a forceful wave that impaled him unto a sandbar and left him quadriplegic. A motivational speaker, he now encourages others to appreciate the gift of life.

For more info: www.liquidalohafest.com

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Saul Goode said...

Thanks for the info. I might check it out. I love Kona beer too. My favorite is the Pipeline Porter, really good stuff. I first found out about Kona about 10 yrs ago when I tried their Longboard Lager. That began my search for anything Kona in stores or bars. Thankfully Kona is much easier to find now. My beer tastes have moved away from lagers and lighter beers, but I'll still drink Longboard because it's that good.

I would also recommend the beers from Maui Brewing Co. They come in cans and have started showing up on shelves in Whole Foods and Bev Mo.