Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fireworks - Photography Tips

It's 4th of July this weekend! Check out your local area for fireworks display. Aloha Tower, Ala Moana Beach Park, and the Hawaii Kai harbor are great places for free community displays. Food booths paired with good weather, family and friends make this a great way to spend the holiday weekend!

{Some 4th of July photos 2008} and a helpful email I got in an email:

Tips for Shooting Fireworks:

  • Bring a tripod and flashlight to the fireworks display. It's dark and you'll need longer exposures, so use the tripod to avoid blurry pictures. The flashlight will help you adjust your camera settings in the dark.
  • Set your camera to Fireworks mode (if you have that feature), which will automatically take care of the settings. If you don't have Fireworks mode, set your camera to Manual mode: ISO 200, aperture f/8, and shutter speed between 5 and 15 seconds. After you take a few pictures, take a look at how they are turning out, and adjust the shutter speed accordingly (leave the ISO and f-stop alone).
  • Include a landmark in the photo, such as a statue, stadium, park, lake, or whatever the surrounding area includes. As the fireworks explode, they will light up the landmark beautifully.
  • Take a lot of pictures! You can take over 100 pictures and only keep 2 great ones. The more pictures you take, the greater chance you have of capturing the perfect shot. Be a ruthless editor; you only need one or a few photos to frame andshare!
  • Remember that fireworks come fast and furious during the finale of the show. Therefore, you may need to decrease your shutter speed. 15 seconds will likely be overexposed during the finale. Try 5 seconds instead.

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