Saturday, June 20, 2009

Koji Korean Taco Truck - Recipe

One food fad that is raging across the westcoast from LA to Seattle, is the Koji Taco Truck. It's crazy. People follow this truck on Twitter to see if it's in their area...and spend over an hour or two waiting in line...for this hybrid Korean-Latino consortment.

The truck has been on all the major media networks and newspapers from the LA Times, NY Times, and gourmet food magazines. The fad hasn't caught on just yet in Hawaii, so locals can try their own at home with the recipe below.

For this father's day weekend, our families are getting together for a Koji BBQ Taco grilling day. Will be fun to try our own hand at these easy-to-make tacos. Here's all you need....

Small corn torillas stuffed with Korean Kalbi, cabbage Kim Chee, shredded cabbage, fresh cilantro, and a squeeze of fresh lime juice per taco. The secret to Koji Truck's tacos--their clilantro-lime sauce. (Adding fresh twigs of cilantro and a squirt of lime is an easy gives the Korean spiciness an usual hybrid twist.)

Here are other varieties for your own version of Koji's tacos from Gourmet magazine:

Korean Marinated Meat (pre-marinaded at Korean markets):
Kalbi (Korean short ribs)
Daeji Bul-Gogi (Korean spicy pork)

Kim Chee:
Baechu (napa cabbage)
Sobagi (cucumber)

Ssamjang sauce
fresh lime slices
Shredded Cabbage
(in seasme-lime marinade)

More Optionals:
Bean sprouts
Blanched spinach

Sliced Cucumbers

Click here for the Korean bbq marinade recipes.

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