Friday, April 24, 2009

LAX to SF and Austin

Airfare wars make traveling that much easier...for those with expendable cash.

Los Angeles to San Francisco: $36 o/w if you fly before June 24th. Love SF for it's local charm, unique boutiques, and good eats!

Los Angeles to Austin: $70 o/w. Outside SF, Portland, and NYC, Austin is my favorite artsy town. It's a combination of Orange County meets the Seattle/Portland artist district...very cool city to live in if you had to move to Texas (photo above). Last time I visited Dallas and Houston a year or two ago, housing was VERY cheap there...places that go for 1.2 million in the OC are under $200,000. Holy moly! (Huge Asian American population in Plano...and with the same planned communities, I felt like I was Irvine all over again...most bizarre feeling).

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{I'm trying to keep these blog posts limited to Hawaii stuff...but every now and then I'll other stuff here until I get my new blog site up.}

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