Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Killer Airfare Deals - $198 r/t

Los Angeles to Honolulu:

Got my ticket today for $198 R/T (plus tax -> $235) on Continental.

It's a good price considering that a one day conference I'll be at in a couple of weeks (on women and leadership) runs $150.

Hope to be back on the island every month!

Shout out to Nely whose photo is posted here. She's super talented and full of that warm aloha spirit! Hi Nely! :)

Reservation Tip:
For deals...check a web site like Travelocity (to see which airline has the best price), then go directly to that airline company's site to purchase your ticket. This way, you save on the booking fee, and if you run into any problems in the future (e.g. you need to change your flight, etc, you deal directly with the airline and not Travelocity--no extra fees for a ticket change...and no being put on hold while they contact the airline on your behalf.).

Nothing against Travelocity--they were great when I got to the airport in Paris and realized I didn't have my ticket on me! For $100 they got me on the next flight. But it was a 2 hour ordeal since they had to keep calling me back (I was at a pay phone in Paris) and since they had other phone customers to take care of. They also had to call the airline to make changes and than call me back multiple times for various confirmations.

Would've been easier for me to have just walked up to my airline counter at the airport and speak with an assistant there--but I needed to have bought the ticket right off the airline website, not a third party like Travelocity. Oh well, live and learn.

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