Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Target - Hawaii's First

Target. Period. How can anyone live without Target?Grand openings for the first Target stores in Hawaii were held this past Sunday. One opened in Kapolei and another one closer to town in Salt Lake. Two Target openings on the same day!? Crazy.

Friends say that the "soft" openings were a mad-house. I'd expect it to be especially given the void of Target for decades.

Walmart now has a rival on the island. For political reasons I try to avoid Walmart; in Hawaii Target at the time was not an option. Yet what gives Walmart an edge is that it has a special Hawaii section. Like my mainland friend said about Walmart in Ala Moana, "This is the best Walmart in the whole country!"I'd be curious to see if Target happens to have a special Hawaiana section to rival Walmart!?

Another Target store is said to open in Kona (Big Island) in July. Maui residents are expecting a chain...but no official word yet.

Hawaii and mainland friends should know too, that Target often offers free shipping for online orders as well as additional 15% on featured weekly items.

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