Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Chinese Dumpling Tour - San Gabriel Valley

Blood and Dumplings” is the name of this gastronomic tour put on by Esotouric. The 4 hour guided tour takes you to sites of bloody crime scenes and the area’s best dumplings in Alhambra, Temple City, Monterey Park, El Monte and Rosemead.

The cost is a whopping $63 plus a $5 dumpling fee--whatever that means. (Also vegetarian dumplings can be accommodated upon request).

Sidebar: For only $59.99 I’ll give you a personal dumpling tour in the same city—without the horrifying crime scenes...and no $5 dumpling fee. Anyone, anyone?!

Esotouric is an award winning historical bus tour company surveying landmarks in Los Angeles. The most recent Dumpling Tour was held on Sat, Nov 29, 12-4pm.

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