Thursday, January 22, 2009

Organic Coffee - WiFi & Stamp Card

Glazers Coffee now has a stamp card! “Buy 10 get one Free” Wish I knew about this ten visits ago!

Their motto is “Organic and fair because we care.” The rhyme is a bit cheesy, but the cause is good. The decor is minimalist contemporary, with light espresso colored tables and chairs, hanging orange glass ceiling lights, and lime green walls lined with paintings and photographs from local artists. Eat before you come, or bring your own snacks. There isn’t much to order here except for drinks. (Their coffee and hot chocolate is known to come with artistically swirled cream or whipped cream).

From my observations, Glazers Coffee shop tends to draw a lot graduate students and internet entrepreneurs. It’s centrally located to the UH, near kitty-corner to Kinkos (for quick Xeroxes and faxes) and in front of a U.S. post office. Given this access, it’s a great place to keep a home office.

A non-coffee drinker, I usually order their Italian Sodas. I like Pina Colada with a tad of half and half and scant whipped cream for texture. And yes, they have unlimited free WiFi. (ask for the password)

Tip: Sit against the wall across from the coffee bar (non-mirrored wall). When the sun starts to move after 1pm, the other seating areas either get too hot from the sunfilled windows…or the glare blasts on your computer screen. (Closing time is 9pm).

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