Sunday, January 4, 2009

Herbs & Chocolate, Period

Yesterday I found myself walking into See’s Candy and ordering pieces of chocolate—4 dark chocolate molasses sticks, 3 almond royals, and one lemon chiffon dark chocolate truffle. That was a lot of chocolate. I wondered what motivated the compulsory buy. Oh yeah, I started my period.

Sharing this tid-bit might seem TMI (too much information) for most, but I do so to make a point: the Mobu Herbal balm is a miracle worker. An herbal rub that one can purchase in a tin can at major health food stores, the balm has helped to regulate my irregular menstrual cycles. While my cycle usually comes only a couple times per year, just three weeks after I first tried the Mobu Herbal balm, my period instantly came—and with painful cramps and a heavy blood flow I’ve never experienced before. Whenever I’ve used it thereafter, my period seems to return again.

There is a whole line of Mobu Herbal balms for different health needs. The particular one I use is called “Women’s 35+: Hormonal Yam Balancing Blend.” It contains wild yam, black cohosh, red clover, licorice root, dong qai, evening primrose oil, vitamine E and organic essential oils. Directions say to rub the balm unto the wrist, stomach and inner thighs (for the Women’s 35+ blend). Other balms for other health remedies are placed elsewhere on the exterior body.

In comparison to other natural alternatives I’ve tried--herbal teas from American health food stores, and special Chinese herbs from the Chinese alternative doctor--the Mobu Herbal balm has worked the best, with quick and consistent results. Priced at $17 the tin will last for around year or more if applied daily. During my last visit to Umeke Market, I saw that they were sold out of the Women’s 35+ balm. I guess others seem to find it just as helpful.

For more info: or call 877.396.MOBU

Found in Hawaii at: Umeke Market (near the Kahala Mall)

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