Friday, January 2, 2009

Bump in the Night

Parking Cars Backwards

Tonight my car got bumped. It wasn’t so much an accident as much as it was a bumper to bumper bump. Call it the aloha spirit, but rather than get mad, I checked for damages (none) and let the situation go. I was sitting in my car parked at the market while another car was trying to reverse park into the stall next to me.

For some reason, people tend to like to back their cars into stalls when they park in Hawaii. It’s an island phenomena. On the mainland, I don’t see this occasionally but not as prolifically as I do over here. Just one spin around the Ward parking structure (where Borders is located) and you’ll see what I mean. Check any other parking lot and you’ll find the same trend. Other mainlanders seem to notice this as quickly as I did when I first got here.

In any event, if you tend to be a reverse-parker, try to align your car straight so you don’t end up bumping backwards into the car next to you.

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