Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Back in the Aloha State

One black eye, 3 photography classes, multiple get-togethers, 3 TJ runs, and 5 photo shoots later...i arrived back safely to Hawaii greeted by the 86 degree weather. Nice. I left L.A. freezing with a pea coat in hand, and landed in HNL ready to change into shorts--yup, it was humid when I arrived.

I was also welcomed by the news headlines of the local papers--the flooding on Oahu and the Big Island, and oh-so-many articles on Potholes. Yes, with all the rain, pot holes are popping up on Hawaii roads everywhere. Never mind that our the new President-elect and the Chicago governor scandal makes national headlines everywhere, Potholes is the big story on the islands. I have to laugh.

Someone's luggage got stuck on the conveyor belt of the airport baggage claim, and it needed to be cut and dissembled so the rest of us could, after a half hour wait, have the chance to retrieve our own luggages. Afterall, I had two suitcases packed full with Trader Joes goodies. I can't believe that I brought 30 pounds of TJs stuff back to the islands. I should pawn this stuff off like gold.

I can't wait to see the holiday lights at City Hall tonight. It's nice to be on the islands for the holidays.

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