Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Good Food & Free WiFi

I'm always on the look out for good places to acquire free internet access. Here are my week's finds:

I'm currently eating a pear torte at Cafe Laufer. Three layers of moist chocolate cake layered with marscopone cheese, cream, and poached pears, topped with sliced almonds and a whipped cream swirl. There are no computer outlets however free unlimited WiFi access in this Kaimuki joint.

For lunch today I went to Covenant Bookstore. Half of the place is a christian bookstore, the other half a cafe that serves sandwiches, teas, and desserts. I ordered the grilled chicken with provolone cheese, avocados, tomatoes and lettuce on chibatta bread. There's only one outlet, but free unlimited WiFi throughout. The place was empty--a quiet place in Kaimuki to work.

My great find on Saturday was Satura Bakery at Ward. free unlimited WiFi access with amazing pastries and sandwiches. I felt like I was in France again! The pastries are buttery crisp with glazed fruit, the croissant sandwiches small but delectable. The strawberry shortcake was more in a Japanese pastry style, which I don't prefer. A couple of outlets and free parking makes this find a plus.

I went to the Kahala Mall the other day. Some computers can pick up free WiFi; my computer can't. Free parking and no outlets.

The lounge at Safeway on Kapahulu offers comfortable chairs, adequate lighting and free WiFi, no purchase necessary. Free parking, and food is always available when needed!

One can also sit at one of the dozen small tables infront of Longs and Photo Trends in the Pearl Ridge Mall to catch free WiFi. Free parking and on purchase necessary!

Zippys in Hawaii Kai gives you a marina view and free WiFi. I'm not a Zippy's food fan, but for the price of a soda or healthy alternatives like the Mahi Mahi sandwich or Tuna Salad, I can make do. Free parking.

Barnes and Noble in the Ala Moana Mall can catch the free WiFi access from the Satellite City Hall. Only problem--you'll need to sit on the floor in the children's department. Free mall parking.

Hawaii City Hall throughout the state hosts free WiFi Hot Spots. In the Hawaii Kai towne center you can sit on one of the two benches inside the courtyard. You can also plug your computer into the Outback Steak House outdoor outlet (near the entrance door) but you won't be able to access the internet.

Yes, these are free but at times ghetto ways of acquiring free internet access. It's amazing how reliant on the internet we've become. I was so excited to surf the web last night at J&SW's condo that I may have over-stayed my midnight welcome. (Sorry guys!)

Big City Diner in Kaimuki and Jupiter Cafe across from Shokudo in Ala Moana are other finds this week. If you know of any others please post your "wi-fi hot spot" finds below.

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Anonymous said...

It was so nice to have you over for dinner.....believe me you did not overstay your welcome. You are welcome to use our wireless connection anytime you are in the neighborhood.