Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cartoon Network - Hakjoon

My friend Hakjoon is an amazing professional illustrator who works for the Cartoon Network (Batman, Teen Titans, etc). I had never heard of the CN back in the day but made sure to watch my dose of 'toons after meeting him. It was so cool to see his work on TV and have the chance to ask him questions about the design process and how he came up with different ideas.

You can see the variety of Hak's work--from MTV music videos, cartoon illustrations, to church designs at:

Hak is also entrepreneurial, working on projects with Google and starting up his own company which intersects media, gaming, and social media. His team created Google's Lively--online rooms and avatars. (A whole new world for me). Congrats on this technology and design, Hak--quite impressive!

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