Monday, October 6, 2008

Photo Geek - Lens Tips

Photo Geek Tips - Camera Lenses
Camera Body | The 5D Mark II is coming out in November 2008. Should price at around $3K. Eventually Canon will make all camera lines body full framed (the 50D line for example will turn full frame within the next year, two or three to beat out it's competitor, Nikon). Nikon recently changed to full frame to keep up with Canon. Eventually, we'll all be able to purchase full framed cameras at a reasonable consumer price.

Lenses | Buy the most expensive full framed lens you can afford. If you can't afford it, then wait until you can (rather than buying low and upgrading later). Also buy the fastest lens you can afford. It will make a difference in your photo quality and creativity. Some people only work with primes, others like zooms, and yet others like myself like to work with both.

Long zooms lenses | While a 20-300 won't get you the clearest shots at the end ranges (plus vignettes), these lenses are great for travel. For domestic shots (at your home, on assignment) opt to carry multiple lens such as a 17-85 and 70-200 for example. More flexibility and better quality.

Storage | Place your camera in air tight containers with silicon to absorb moisture. Algae, particularly in humid climates, will permanently scratch your expensive camera lens.

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