Thursday, August 14, 2008

iilids – double eye lids

The secret to maintaining double eye lids? > Eye Tape

What is Eye Tape? They are sheets of clear plastic moon shaped pre-cut stickers to tape into the folds of one’s eyes, used to form lid creases. I use them for the mornings when I wake up and see that my natural eye lid fold has gone haywire. For a quick way to fix my eye lid crease, I put the tape on for 30+ minutes until they flip back to normal, then discard the stickers.

In college, this is the way one of my Chinese American roommates gave herself double eye lids. No surgery needed. She just scotch taped her eyes at night until they were trained to create a crease. She now has natural double eye lids.

Where to get it:
Japanese “Eye Tape” by Koji ($4 for 30 sets of two) – Shirokiya, Honolulu
Korean “Eye Tape” – Cosmetic stores in Koreatown, Los Angeles

(See video in today's other posting for commentary on Asian American beauty)

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