Monday, July 28, 2008

J.Jill, Midlife & Child Exploitation

When I saw that posted an ad on my blog site I got excited, particularly since I actually own a couple J.Jill items. When I told my friend Angela that I actually shopped at J.Jill she said, "Isn't that like, for *old* people?" Okay, maybe I am getting old, afterall someone did call me "middle aged" the other night. Middle aged? Shesh.

Anyway, I find J.Jill clothes to be light weight, super soft and casually simple...mostly of well knit cotton. If were I living in Colorado or Portland I'd wear this stuff everyday...but even in the OC I find that some of their more casual cotton tops, pants and hooded sweaters can pass for weekend wear around the Newport Beach area--some pieces can seem a bit yoga-ish or beachy (although the line as a whole has an outdoorsy, casual, and simple feel).

My only gripe was that the jewelry I bought were made in places like India and Thailand, and I picture children squatting on the ground stringing the beads on the necklace for a nickel's wage.

I have more to say on child labor, sweatshops, and the global economy but I'll save that for a later post.

There are some great J.Jill sales going on:
Ends Sunday: Extra 25% off already reduced items
Online Outlet: Save up to 70% off
Regular Sale: Up to 60% off

What I'd recommend from J.Jill:
- Kenneth Cole shoes
- Lightweight sweaters
- And (unfortunately) they have really neat jewelry every season that will put you in an ethical crisis

Where to Buy It:
No stores in Hawaii; limited stores in other states
Online at: (on green bar to the right)

Dedicated to my mom whose closet is packed with J.Jill casual wear, and who introduced me to the comfort of J.Jill clothing.

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