Thursday, August 7, 2008

Nordstrom Beauty Exclusives - Starts Today

Nordstrom Beauty Exclusive – Aug 7th+

Starting today, Norstrom will give away a special black bag full of make up goodies when customers spend a total of $100 from the different cosmetics counters. Just save your receipts!

In my opinion, this year's gift isn’t that worth it. The black plastic bag is poorly sewn and in a shape I'm not likely to use. However, if you’re like me and purchase items from counters like Bobbi Brown, Channel and Nars that rarely have gift promotions, this department wide offer is a chance for you to get a little treat for yourself.

Other stores that have special storewide gifts:

Bergdorf Goodman (my favorite Chicago department store) also offers a store-wide makeup gift. Unlike Nordstroms, each individual makeup counter gives away their own product gifts...and on top of this, Bergdorf Goodman will additionally also give you an additional gift for purchasing $100 in store-wide beauty products. Gifts are usually full sized make up cremes, mud masks and other quality products. (Usually in February)

Saks Fifth Avenue has a similar promotion as Bergdorf Goodman twice a year. Their gifts are so-so...usually specially designed make up bag sets. I’ve done this on two occasions and got a set of cheetah printed bags, and a pink travel bag with four fillable plastic bottles. The gifts were just "okay." (The Bergdorf Goodman beauty exclusives are your best bet—and they usually give free shipping for out of state (Chicago) phone orders.)

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