Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Good Glass of Morning (Soy) Milk

I was drinking a glass of soy milk this morning as I muddled through a bowl of hot oatmeal...And I wondered to myself, “How many soy beans does it take to make one glass of milk?”

…Actually I should be a bit more honest and confess that the first thought that really came to my mind was, “Why isn’t soy milk as snowy white as the milk from cows and goats?” It seems that each time I pour a glass of soy milk, I have to remind myself that soy milk is supposed to be an off-white color!

I only started to drink soy milk since moving to Hawai’i so I’m a newbie when it comes to this product. I’ve always enjoyed a tall glass of cold (cow’s) milk straight from the fridge to start off my day. I love the thick richness and creamy texture that comes with the first sip of this milk in the morning…and I love how drops of condensation speckle the glass after only a few minutes on the kitchen table…



Okay, back to soy milk. I learned a couple things today about drinking soy milk:

- Soy milk will only stay fresh for 7-10 days after the carton is opened.
- Do not smell the milk to see if it is spoiled; rather check to see if you notice a slight change in color, a slightly bitter taste, or a change in thickness.
- Soy milk should never be frozen as the consistency will separate when defrosted

What I like about soy milk is its storability. I love purchasing the 24 pack at Costco and being able to store it in the pantry until I want to drink it. I also appreciate that is a good source of protein and contains 100% of our body’s needed amino acids. It isn't a perfect bean however. Soy milk is not a source of natural calcium, and while whole soy beans provide a good source of fiber, soy milk does not contain this.

And so while I still don’t know how many soy beans it takes to produce one glass of milk, I do wonder about other questions like: Why does soy milk remain luke warm no matter how long it’s been in the refrigerator? Who thought to drink the milk from a bean? Who even knew the bean could be processed into milk? I also wonder how many people prefer soy milk to the milk of goats and cows? And how cooking and baking with soy milk compares to using cow or goat milk?

I’d love to hear your own thoughts to musings on Soy Milk!

Places in Honolulu to purchase Soy Milk:

- Umeke Market and Natural Foods |
- Down to Earth Natural Foods |
- Kokua Market Natural Foods Cooperative |
- Wholefoods Market (coming) |
- Costco Warehouse |
- Most major supermarkets

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Anonymous said...

Who would have thought of making milk out of soy beans? Must be those crazy Japanese!

And if soy beans are green, how come soy milk is white?

And why not soy juice?

Edamame anyone?