Sunday, October 18, 2009

Oakley Headquaters - An Archetectural Quest

Office... Retail Store...or Spaceship?

Love the design of this place. The building is unlike any I've seen in my global explorations. The nuts and bolts that hold the building in place are bigger than my face! True to the Oakley brand, their building follows in the same iconic artistic vision.

I guess I'd call it conceptual architecture--where brand marketing directly influences the design and experience of retail and office space.

{I only have point and shoot snap shots of this place, so sharing photos found online. The Headquarters is one of the few reasons that people head out to Foothill Ranch.} Enjoy:

And for real Oakley fans, check out this one of the kind Oakley baby stroller made special for the headquarters. Plus, this guy's blog is funny and fresh--mixes sarcasm, kid-finds, and politics from a dad's view--a unique blogsite:

{this post is my favorite architectural post. love this place!}

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