Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shokudo's Honey Toast

I've been to Shokudo more times than I'd prefer. It's a place that I personally would consider a last resort for a late night meal, but no where that I'd run to for good food. The concept is modern Japanese tapas meant for a family style meal. I do like the concept and visual ambiance at the Honolulu eatery but I find that the food here is often been rushed, sloppy, and not very carefully prepared. Time and time again, the flavors seem to run into each other, the vegetables often wilted, and rice, calamari and sushi often mushy.

They do have some redeeming qualities however. Their signature dessert, Honey Toast is actually quite good. I wasn't sure it'd be a hit, but everyone at the table loved it too. It's Japanese style bread toasted, with the middle carved out and cubed. Honey is drizzled over the bread, and it's topped with ice cream. Sounds plain or odd, but something about the combination really works!The dishes I liked were the homemade tofu, shiso fries, tofu salad with won tons, and I'm on the border about the calamari salad--good flavor, bad texture.Shokudo also offers Green Tea Lattes, Green Tea Shakes, and Green Tea Float. In Honolulu only they offer Green Tea shave ice. I can't vouch for any of these items (I think I ordered the green tea shave ice once), but I simply like that they offer such dessert creations on the menu.

Also, good to know: Shokudo offers free dessert when it's someone's birthday!

Interestingly, if you order the same menu items at their sister restaurant, Tokyo Table, in Beverly Hills and Irvine, the dishes are actually prepared better and tastier than in Hawaii. I think the smaller size of the mainland restaurants give it more quality control. The chefs may also be tailoring the dishes for a different taste bud pallet.

Where it's at:
Near Nordstrom parking garage
1585 Kapiolani Blvd
Honolulu, HI 96814

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