Friday, January 16, 2009

Shiseido - Nordstrom - Double Bonus

Nordstrom Camelia club has extended their Nov 2008 cards to expire on June 2009. This gives you an extra 6 months to collect points. Their current double stamps days end on Jan 4. Nordstrom only has double stamp days twice a year while Macys does it three times a year. The next double stamp day for Nordstrom won’t happen until after July 2009. If you buy skin care products from Shiseido at Nordstrom, work with Jackie--she’s awesome. She gives honest recommendations and will be honest about what you do need…even if it means telling you that you that you have wrinkles, freckles, and puffy eyes and need to do something about it.

During my visit with her this past weekend, she identified which Shiseido products I needed to stop using and which ones to purchase. (Very helpful!) "I sell things from the heart. Only what you need,” she said. She made two changes to my skincare routine: She replaced my moisturizer from ‘The Skincare’ line with the ‘Bio-Performance Advanced Super Revitalizer Cream” and replaced my ‘The Skincare Eye-Gel’ (used for puffy eyes) with the ‘Bio-Performance Super Eye Contour Cream” (for anti-wrinkle use). I didn’t know the difference for the latter and now know why the eye-gel was ineffective for me. The Contour Cream works very well for me.

In a nutshell it seems that ‘The Skincare’ line is good for daily maintainance but doesn’t really do anything more. Spend money on the moisturizer and things that work into your skin overnight. The cleansing cream washes off in seconds and doesn’t stay on your skin long. The balancing lotion (toner) is just a neutralizer. So spend money on the right eye cream and facial cream. These will make the biggest difference in the long term.

Jackie is an honest Shiseido salesperson who goes out of her way to meet the needs of her customer. In the same manner is another great Shideido salesperson, a Vietnamese lady (I forget her name at this time) at the South Coast Plaza Macys (CA). She tells you what you need to get, no holding back, and will tell you not to buy something even if you seem interested in it. She provides sample products to familarize you with the line, and has given me on the spot Shiseido facials and massages.

Shirokiya is also currently holding their double stamp days right now. Their double stamp days end on Jan 6th. They have some different set packages that come with free products. The Bio-Performance Advanced Super Revitalizer Cream at Shirokiya, for example, comes with a small tube of facial cleanser, balancing cream, lipstick, and a gift card for a free facial (and costs $2 less than the prices at Nordstrom/Macy’s).

Shiseido products went up in price as of January 1, 2009. The set packages at Shirokiya are priced at the 2008 prices until they are sold out.

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